Hannah Höch

Hannah Höch

1889   Born in Gotha
1912 - 1914   Studies at the arts and crafts school in Berlin-Charlottenburg
1915   Studies in Emil Orlik's graphics class at the state teaching institution of the arts and crafts museum; works as design draftswoman for Ullstein publishing house
1915 - 1922   Friendship with Raoul Hausmann; participates in the Dada movement in Berlin and becomes member of the November Group
1924   First sojourn in Paris; gets to know Mondrian and van Doesburg
1926   Moves to Holland
1929   Returns to Berlin-Heiligensee; is represented in all major Dada retrospectives
1978   Hannah Höch dies in Berlin


Description of the collage


1. Rose in abstact form, around 1920, collage, tusche, pencil

25 to 21.5 cm

2. Abstraktion, (around 1955) gouache, verso estate stamp,

31,5x20,7 cm (12,4x8,15 in), signed


3. Rose, collage on cardboard, 1969, 35,5 to 28cm, verso titled, dated and signed


4. Paper collage on glass. Gift from Hannahs sister to my father

36 x 39 cm. On other side abstact composition, painted. The collage is coverd with a transparent foil.

5.‘Gesperrt’, titled, monogrammed H. H., dated 1967, titled on the reverse, signed and dated Höch 1967,

collage on cardboard, 44 x 30.5 cm, Literature: Hannah Höch, Collagen aus den Jahren 1916–1971,

Akademie der Künste Berlin, 1971, no. 173, ill. page 63


6. Photo by Stefan Moses, 1975, signed and dated. Gift from Moses to my father, ca. 30 x 40cm.


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